Honda 3-prong locking plug (male) E


Honda 3-prong locking plug (male) E
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Honda 3-prong locking plug (male) E


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3-prong locking plug (male) E

Item: 32312-880-710-3 | Mfg #: 32312-880-710

30A, 125V


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Product Description

3-prong locking (male) Plug style E.

For E4500, EB11000, EB12D, EB12DAG, EB3000C, EB3500, EB3500XK1, EB3800XK1, EB4000, EB5000, EB5000XK1, EB6500, EB6500, EG3500/K1, EG5000XK1, EM3000, EM3000C, EM3500XK1, EM3800, EM4000, EM5000, EM5000is, EM6000GP, EM7000is, EMS4000, EMS4500, ES4500, ES6500/K1/K2, EU2000i parallel, EU3000i/is, EU6500is, EW140, EW170, EW171K1, EX3300S, EX3300SK1, EX4500/SK1, EXW171/S

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