The BCS Generator Load Bank Tester Set is a self-contained unit for load testing AC portable generators that operate ateither 120V or 240V at 60Hz, and can accommodate loads as large as 65 amps (15,600 watts). The tester is designed to beused as either a diagnostic tool or to assist in sales. Large voltage, current, and frequency meters display generator vitals while easy to operate switches control the load. Two outlets allow for external loads to be applied so that a customer can determinethe proper sized generator necessary for their application. The tester includes a 2-wheel kit for field service portability.

One central LED display instantly provides the user with all generator vitals. Digital meters ensure that the readings are accurate and consistent. Voltage, current, and frequency are simultaneously displayed. No calibration is necessary. A complete set of adapters to suit any type of generator, both 120V and 240V is included (50A and L6-20P adapter is optional). Hooks mounted on the sides of the tester carry the adapters. A large fan provides cooling to the resistive coils allowing for continuous use of the tester.

Note: The fan must be plugged in for the tester to operate.

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