These special cold-weather kits were created to address some unusual operational issues with Honda generators operated in extremely cold environments for extended periods of time. While all Honda generators can operate quite well in cold weather, there are some very rare cold-weather conditions where it is possible for water to collect and freeze inside the crankcase breather tube fitted between the air cleaner and crankcase. When this happens, the formed ice can block air flow and possibly cause the generator not to work properly, or some oil to leak out of the engine. 

To prevent this, Honda has developed a small, 10-watt heating coil that fits inside the tube and keeps the area warm enough to prevent ice from forming. The heating coil gets its power from the generator by connecting to the back terminal of a selected receptacle. Each kit is unique to a specific generator, and some come with special insulated parts to help regulate the temperature. Once installed, the cold weather kit may remain on the generator; it is okay for it to operate year-round.

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